Conditions, moods, thoughts and nirvana.

When we long for mind states, like a calm mind, a certain mood or satori-experiences we forget that there is no one that can manipulate our experiences that way. Its the atman-belief that makes us struggle, e.g. in meditation to reach a specific state.

All dharmas are empty of an inherent self, everything that we can perceive depends on cause and effect and also all conditions depend on that. so theres a need to accept any condition. If we act through aversion or greed thats samsara. In meditation we sit through all conditions and transcend them, go beyond them. It doesnt matter what conditions arise, we see all as a reflection of mind that is never affected by them. We dont identify with conditions therefore we can let them simply appear and fade. The moment we put will into it, we create further thoughts of greed or aversion and go astray.

Yet, our practice will be influenced by habit patterns, karmic tendencies and so conditions may change. If we sit every day wholehearted, the practice will become more stable and also our daily life will change. But thats neither a goal nor our intention in the first place, rather its a byproduct.

As i wrote above we go beyond moods, thoughts, conditions and see that those phenomena are reflected, embraced by mind.. mind is buddha and buddha is mind. Nowhere to go, if we realize that we are already whole theres nothing more to attain.


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