When we sit zazen we should drop all intentions. sure, the intention to get on the zafu (cushion) is needed. But when we sit down we let go everything. If we have certain intentions and expectations, we will become disturbed easily. Its like the angler waiting for the fish to bite.

So its like we sit with the expectation for some great mental state we label satori or enlightenment. We sit with the intention to attain or archieve something. As long this is our attitude we will be driven by the three poisons of mind. We miss the point.

At least we encounter all different states while meditating. Sometimes we are daydreaming, sometimes memories of good or bad situations come up, sometimes great joy and bliss arises..They are all part of the whole journey that has no beginning nor end. All conditons we encounter are part of this journey, the beautiful ones and the ugly ones.

We dont cling on those states we encounter, no matter how satisfying and overwhelming they are. Also we dont try to get rid of the conditons we dislike, we dont get born in realms of the gods nor in the hell realms. We are beyond them! This is already the manifestation of the buddha nature. We dropped greed, aversion and delusion, we escaped samsara and dont create karma.

We have to give up the goals, the ideas of benefit and merit. Not only in meditation but at least on the whole buddha way. We dont seek for profit while we follow the precepts nor we dont learn about the dharma for some destination.


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