Delusion or ignorance is one of the mind poisons, but what is delusion and what is not delusion?

In any case is a believe delusion. Every concept we hold, every opinion. To say there is a self is delusion. To say there is no self is delusion also. The idea of stages, levels on the way to enlightenment is also delusion. And if i believe in heavens, hells, rebirth, god or no god is delusion. Holiness and unholiness is delusion…Every meaning we put into something is a believe. All opinions, fantasies and doctrines..all delusion. At least every mind process is some kind of delusion, even if it reflects what we experienced. The moment we discriminate or draw a line, we create samsara. Yet our experience is nothing but thoughts in our mind. I would say even our present experiences are some kind of delusion as well. Its all relative and depends on conditions.. at least its like the metaphor of the mirror: all reflections are delusion, everything that appears in this mirror. No matter how beautiful the reflection is. And even if we try to hold the concept of the mirror this is also a reflection, delusion.

Not to know who we are is delusion, to know who we are as well. But with being who we are, beyond the reflections, we drop samsara and the delusion, the ignorance. We dont have to work and struggle for it, at least we are this already, its our true nature. Nirvana is not something to reach in the future but is already available if we stop creating and maintaining samsara with ignorance.


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