reflections of mind.

In my last post i wrote that we respond to our perception. I want to go a little further into that matter today. If we say all we perceive is a reflection of our mind/conciousness, there is nothing to find thats not our mind. No matter where we go, how far we travel, we wont find anything thats not our mind. If we perceive a thought, it appears in our mind. Same with sensations, feelings, sounds, smells…whatever! We perceive the result of some process. There is no possibility to find out how the world outside of us really is. I dont want to go philosophical now but i have read once that if an atom would be as big as a football court (100m), the core of the atom would be smaller than a pinhead (~1mm). Or this fact: scientists say that the whole cosmos is just 4% that we can call matter. 96% is just empty space.

And yet we perceive matter as solid and our existence like the centre of the universe.

Everything is mind because all we perceive is a reflection in our conciousness, impermanent and without an inherent self, including the states of mind we experience.

But also there is nothing like mind because itself is just another concept, an idea arising. Discriminating thoughts are also just appearing in mind. Huike asked bodhidharma to help him silence his mind, so bodhidharma invited him to bring him his mind. Of course huike couldnt find it. He recognized its just empty. All is just a reflection.


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