enlightenment? awakening? satori?

The first article in 2019 i want to dedicate to the topic of enlightenment. What is enlightenment at all? Some people say its a state of bliss, no-thought, or something like that. I cannot agree on that point. Of course these states of inner silence, radiating, are really impressive and i tended to label it … Continue reading enlightenment? awakening? satori?



When we sit zazen we should drop all intentions. sure, the intention to get on the zafu (cushion) is needed. But when we sit down we let go everything. If we have certain intentions and expectations, we will become disturbed easily. Its like the angler waiting for the fish to bite. So its like we … Continue reading intentions.


I think everyone that starts dealing with buddhism and start to walk the eightfold path has some ideas and a certain motivation. It may be to become enlightened, or to be afraid of a rebirth into worse conditions after death. Others maybe just want to gain certain skills with meditation or at least feel more … Continue reading beliefs.

dogen and zazen.

The last days i had some discussions about zazen and dogens understanding about it. So i tried to summarize important aspects and the essence that dogen wrote in different texts about the practice of zazen in this context. I excluded the recommended aspects of posture, procedure and circumstances. Therefore i used Zazengi, Fukanzazengi, Zazen-Yojiji and … Continue reading dogen and zazen.


While sitting in meditation, all kind of conditions may arise. Thoughts, the ceasing of thoughts, dreaming, sensations... whatever. But also some kind of strange things may arise like hallucinations. So some people hear strange sounds, perceive odd body awareness like they shrink or grow, they feel like they start vibrating, floating, spinning and so on. … Continue reading makyo.


Delusion or ignorance is one of the mind poisons, but what is delusion and what is not delusion? In any case is a believe delusion. Every concept we hold, every opinion. To say there is a self is delusion. To say there is no self is delusion also. The idea of stages, levels on the … Continue reading delusion.